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Notable Past Events

A Chocolate Love Affair

A decadent evening of Divine Indulgence in The Food of the Gods. Experience the alchemical creations of countless exquisite cacao ambrosias and aphrodisiac treats lovingly prepared by preeminent chocolatiers and select celebrity chefs. Come Enjoy Celebrity Chocolatier Live Cacao Inspired Recipe Preparations, Medicinal Cacao Lectures, Live Performances, Cacao Ceremony, Chocolate Tastings, Lovers Tarot Readings, Curiously Exotic Cacao Contest, Gourmet Food Vendors, Artisan Cacao Gifts and Treats, Late Night DJ Dance Music.


THRIVE Expo brings together local businesses, entrepreneurs, visionaries, activists, community leaders and the greater Bay Area community members to share information, celebrate healthy and green living and support the growth of the Bay Area Conscious Lifestyle Movement. Join us for inspiring speakers, interactive workshops, multimedia presentations, food, free samples, vendors and more. Body, Mind, Spirit, Planet,.. THRIVE

Gourmet Raw Vegan Christmas Eve Dinner Gathering

A Family Style Christmas Eve Holiday Celebration filled with Abundance, Nourishment, Incredible Food, Live Holiday Music, Gifts, Fun, Family and Friends.
* All Menu Items are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO*

Cornucopia.. Gourmet Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is a symbol of abundance and nourishment… it symbolizes the time of year we come together to celebrate the Harvest and enjoy natures seasonal bounty. Imagine a Thanksgiving Holiday Celebration filled with Abundance, Nourishment, Incredible Food, Live Music, Family and Friends. Chef Jillian Love and Pena Pachamama Restaurant team up again this Thanksgiving for an evening of fine dining, community, connection and celebration. Enjoy a Seasonally Influenced Abundantly Nourishing and Incredibly Delicious Gourmet Raw Thanksgiving Dinner. * All Menu Items are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Non GMO*

SNO BALL... Holiday Party & Gift Fair

A Warm Festive Gathering of Bay Area Family and Friends with Gourmet Raw Food, Local Gift Vendors, Music, Entertainment, Beautiful Community…

Ultimate Chocolate

Enjoy an interactive evening experiencing the live creation of decadently scrumptious chocolate treats by Master Chef Jillian Love followed by an indulgent candle lite chocolate tasting session with a glass of Organic Red Wine. This evening includes opportunities for hands on participation and is perfect for learning how to prepare your own scrumptious gourmet raw chocolate valentine treats. Come with a friend or sweetheart and share the creative creation process and tantalizing tasting together.
These Valentine Sweet Chocolate Treats that are sooo good your friends, family and sweethearts will never believe they are dairy-free, gluten-free, contain no white sugar!


A retreat to revitalize, renew restore the body mind and soul…
1. To re – form spiritually or morally.
2. To form, construct, or create anew, especially in an improved state.
3. To give new life or energy to; revitalize.
Regeneration is a day dedicated to breathing new life into your life with a renewed commitment and a new plan for intentional living and self care.
Restore your spirit and enter the new year with greater calm, clarity, energy, an intentional living plan for the coming year.
Join us for a one day regeneration retreat in the beautiful redwoods with Yoga, Wholesome Food, Music, Community, Mindfulness, Healthful Practices and a Focus on Intentional Spring Cleaning the Planning of Our Lives as we transition into Spring.

7 Day Sexy.. Women's Libido Optimization Program

Sex is a very complex event. It’s all about chemistry: between you and your partner and your own biochemistry.How your own body works and responds will drastically enhance or inhibit the big O. Since the chemistry of food becomes your biochemistry, what you eat plays a powerful role in sexual function and satisfaction. Is there really such a thing as an Orgasm Enhancing Diet? Can eating the right foods make our libidos lift from lazy to lusty or from lusty to off the charts? As long as we’re talking diet here lets also combine feeling better, looking great and desiring and enjoying the pleasure of the big “0” way more often.

Naughty & Nice Holiday Desserts

Naughty & Nice Holiday Desserts & Simple Strategies for a Healthful Holiday Season.

Join Chef Jillian Love for an exciting and delicious three hour Desserts PlayShop where you will Learn to prepare Decadent Gourmet Holiday Desserts that are so good your family and friends will never believe they’re Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Non GMO and so easy that they can be prepared in minutes without even turning on an oven!

Food For Life
Food For Life: Quick & Easy Recipes For Busy People and Kids
Time is such a rare commodity in this world of ours, busy people are always looking for quick-and-easy recipes that are also healthy and tasty. These recipes take only 15 minutes from start to finish and are ideal week-day meals and take along treats for busy adults and kids. They are bursting with flavor and color and healthful and quick to prepare. Kids will enjoy creating them. Adults will find them easy and satisfying.

Food For Life: Healthy Kids Kitchen Creativity
An morning of hands on recipe preparation specially designed for Kids. Creative, colorful delicious and easy to prepare kid friendly recipes that are all dairy-free, gluten-free, contain no white sugar and are entirely Raw!