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I’ve had my Vitamix since 1997.  It was the first piece of Raw Kitchen Equipment I invested in.  I absolutely love it,  I use it every day to blend up my smoothies in the morning and use it regularly to make sweet dessert creams, healthy soups, amazing salad dressings, and delicious nut and seed cheeses.  I love its incredible power and the variable speed control. This link will get you FREE SHIPPING on any model you choose.  I prefer you use the picture below or here is a link to another picture if that one does not fit.

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Excalibur is really the only dehydrator for the truly Raw Kitchen. It has temperature control and a timer so you can assure that your food is not heated above your desired temperature and you can also program the machine to turn off at a specific time. No waste of electricity or over drying your food. I Make my own Kale Chips, Crackers, Dried Tomatoes, Granola, Fruit Jerky, and more at a fraction of the cost of buying it in the store. This link will get you free shipping and take you to a page that has WEB SPECIALS for RAW FOODISTS.

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Healthforce Nutritionals Superfoods

I start my day with Vitamineral Greens and Vitamineral Earth mixed into my juice in the morning. Spirulina Mana is always welcome in my coconut smoothies and I like to add a spoon of Maca to my hot elixirs. HealthForce also makes great digestive enzymes to take with meals. I love this company. Their high standards are reflected in all of the products. They are food based, organic, raw, vegan and biocompatible. These superfood supplements definitely take your health to the next level.

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Sun Warrior

Sunwarrior Protein Powder is great for smoothies, of course, but another one of my other favorite was to use it is in my cashew cream sauces, in my raw vegan cheezecakes and even in my vegan baked goods. It comes in chocolate, vanilla or plain. A generous scoop or two will add a nutrition and flavor boost to all your favorite treats.

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Teeccino is a beverage that tastes, smells and brews almost exactly like coffee in your machine, drip cone or french press. There are single serving bags too (like tea bags) so you can carry them with you. There are lots of great flavors like Vanilla Nut, Mocha, Java.. Die hard coffee drinkers will be impressed. It actually provides potassium, alkaline balance, hydration, and mineral reserves rather than draining them like coffee. Since it has no caffeine this is a healthy hot beverage for the entire day.

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The process of fermentation makes food more digestible and nutritious. Pickl-It is a company that has created a product that simplifies the entire process of making lacto-fermented foods, eliminating the need for whey, or processed starter-cultures. Pickl-It jars were created by applying the science of anaerobic lacto-fermentation and borrowing high quality-standards from the time-honored methods and equipment of wine-making.

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Ancient Botanicals

100% Organic and Wild-Harvested Concentrated Herbal Formulas

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